Meet the Guzman - Rodriguez Family

Leovigilda and Julio work in the fields for over 12 hours a day—all to provide for their family. As farmers with small plots of land, they must even offer time to help other farmers in order to earn a living wage.

The couple has three children: Lizania (20), Limber (15), and Yajsi (6). Two of them go to school. Their daughter Lizania (20) has always dreamt of becoming a dentist, but her reality thus far has fallen short of her goals. Although she finished her schooling three years prior, her parents couldn’t afford to send her to a university.

Despite being unable to pursue her dreams, Lizania happily supports her family: she cooks and cleans while her parents are working. In the afternoon, she takes great care of her youngest brother.

They live in a shack built from dangerously weak materials: the walls consist of adobe, the floor is entirely dirt, and the roof was built of calamine. There are large spaces between the tips of the walls and the roof, allowing rain, the cold, and strong winds into the home. Many of their neighbors have a disease called “Chagas” that can cause organ failure. Chagas is caused by an insect that thrives in the mud and straw walls this family’s home is made of.

Inside, there is only one bed, where Leovigilda and Lizania sleep; Julio, Limber, and Yajsi sleep on the dirt floor which becomes mud every time it rains.

Despite the couple’s hard work, the money they make is not enough to improve their precarious housing conditions. With your help, we can begin building a home for this family with clean running water and electricity. The family will help build the home and Lizania is excited to get started!