Meet the Cindy Family

Carlos and Cindy live in the Nuevo Cuzcā€”tlan community in El Salvador. Cindy works in a laboratory where vitamins are made and Carlos works collecting bus fare. Their son Giovanny is in kindergarden. The family is crowded and lack sanitation in their tiny hut. They have little protection from the elements, which makes them extremely susceptible to dengue fever, chikungunya (a virus transmitted by mosquitoes), and diarrhea which can be deadly when they're is no access to clean water for rehydration.

For the Hernandez Navas family, the risk of losing their home is high and the consequence is homelessness. In addition to being in a landslide danger zone, the land where the home is located has been recently sold and the new owner has asked the family to leave. They feel homeless, hopeless, and have no place to go. Cindy hopes for a home where she can raise her son in safety without living in constant fear of eviction. "My dream is the house we long for. We would be very happy, safe.

My son would be closer to school, and would not get sick as often. We would be thanking God because this decent house would be ours and nobody could throw us out." For the Hernandez Navas family, a home of their own means safety, health, and freedom from homelessness.