Meet the Rivera Family

Korina and Orlando live with their three sons -- Willian (23), Brayan (11) and Josue (6) --in Ahuachapan, El Salvador. The couple has lived in Ahuachapan for 40 years, and have been living in Korina’s mother’s house for over two decades. The children go to school, but the packed living environment isn’t ideal for studying, playing, or having any privacy.

Living at Korina’s mother’s house makes it difficult for the parents or the family to have a life of their own. They rarely have guests over, and often don’t feel safe walking around the neighborhood at night which forces them to stay inside. Because the children don’t have a safe place to study after school, someone always has to be at home, usually Korina or her mother.

When asked what it would mean to have a new home, Korina replied “it would be the best thing that could happen to our lives. We live like tenants of my mother and there are too many of us. It is not easy to live like this.” With your help, we can give Korina and her family a new start. Let’s help change this family’s life!