Meet the Garcia Sintigo Family

Ramon and his wife Alba live together with their children in Ahuachapan, El Salvador. Ramon works very hard as a vendor selling things to support his family. Their children, Karen, Franklin, and Veronica, are very smart children with big dreams for their future. Franklin wants to be a professor while Veronica wants to be a nutritionist.

Currently, the Garcia Sintigo family lives in an unstable home. Their floors, made of mud & dirt, do not provide a clean living environment for the family. The walls are made of plastic tarp and the roof of scrap wood.

Ramon and Alba are generous in all they do. Their five-year-old nephew, Eduardo Josue, also lives with the family. They dream of a day when they have a safe home for all of their children and continue to be generous with that they have. Alba says she can't wait for a safe neighborhood with a playground and trees for her family to grow up in. Together, we're going to make this dream a reality!