Meet the Albeño Family

Alba (37) is a widow and mother of four. Her husband died from an alcohol addiction, and her family has been living on her single income ever since. She works as a maid for 12 consecutive hours a day.

Alba has ingrained into her children that the only way out of poverty is through formal education. All of her children currently study and a few even work part-time. Her sons Jose (13) and Marcos (14) attend the sixth and eighth grade. Javier (16) attends the ninth grade and works as a construction aid. The oldest, Jessica (18), is in her last year of an accounting trade school. She helps her mother by working as a maid twice a week.

For nineteen years, the family has lived in a small house that belongs to Alba’s aunt. In this home, they have neither water nor electricity. A single tap serves three families who live in this section of the land. Their walls and floor are decaying, and there are leaks in the ceiling where rainwater seeps through. Still, the family makes the most of what they have, tacking family photos and wire decorations to their walls.

The Janeth-Albeño family’s greatest dream is to have a house of their own, where they can live without a constant fear of eviction. With your help, we can provide them with a home of their own with running water and electricity, which will improve the family’s life trajectory for generations.