Meet the Zumba Salvin Family

Ana shares her one-room house with seven family members: her mother, her four siblings, and her two sons. Ana is a 23 year-old mother who harvests and sells fruits and vegetables. She takes great care of her two sons—William, an extroverted four year-old, and Elizardo (5 months).

The small room where Ana lives is made of mud walls and a dirt floor; the roof consists of rusty metal sheets. Inside, large blue sheets are hung from the ceiling to segment off their living space. Over their sheetless bed, a mosquito net has been hung to shield the family from the potentially disease-carrying insects—which swarm the areas around the home. A vintage sewing machine sits next to their dining table, which is no larger than a school-desk for one.

Life in this household is difficult. A small walk from their home leads to their restroom, a small latrine shared by the seven relatives. Although the family has access to running water, the source is dirty and contaminated, putting the family at risk of disease. To compound their problems, Ana’s baby Elizardo often gets sick due to the lack of basic amenities.

The Zumba family is excited about their very own home, a place where they can live without fear of imminent sickness. When they are no longer living in survival mode, they will have the opportunity to reach their fullest potential.

Their home is fully funded! What happens next? 100% of the money raised for this family will go directly to hiring local workers and buying local materials. Our local partner in El Salvador is excited to break ground and start construction. Soon, this family will start their new story!