Meet the Sibrian Family

Roberto is a hard working 35-year-old man in Ahuachapan, El Salvador. There, he provides for his two grandparents and aunt. He works hard as a police officer to keep his community safe and provide for his extended family.

Living with him is his 84-year-old grandfather Nicolas and his grandmother Paola. Also, his 40-year-old Aunt, Dilsia América, lives with them.

This family of four lives in a group home with others. Roberto's grandparents have to walk very far to take the bus each day. Their house is made of tin and has many leaks, the floor is made of dirt and becomes very muddy. The muddy floors are a big problem for the grandparents who fall because of it.

Roberto dreams of being able to provide a safe home for his family living with him. The big-hearted man hopes to be able to start a family once he has a home of his own he can count on. Together, let's give Roberto the foundation for a New Story!