Meet the Castillo - Hernandes Ramos Family

A couple of forty years, Mercedes (62) and Miguel (65) are working together to raise their granddaughter Blanca, a seventh grade student at the local school. Miguel works as a security guard in San Salvador, while Blanca sells seasonal fruits and vegetables.

The couple has lived in this old house for many years, which Blanca credits to the “mercy” of the landowner. The outer bricks have been painted a zany purple and yellow. A colorful tote hangs on a nail outside the front door. Inside, the house is filled with belongings the family treasures dearly.

However, Blanca admits that the situation they have been blessed with may not continue for long. Their roof has shown signs of breakage, and the family anticipates their ceiling will collapse soon. In addition to their shacks weakening structure, the family can be evicted at any time if the farm they live on is sold, or if the landowner needs the land on which the house is built. This has happened to countless families throughout El Salvador.

Kind, sharp, and exceptionally mature, Blanca imagines herself living happily in a sturdy home without fears of eviction. In a new home, the young would-be entrepreneur would like to start a small grocery store in the bigger space the family would have.

Their home is fully funded! What happens next? 100% of the money raised for this family will go directly to hiring local workers and buying local materials. Our local partner in El Salvador is excited to break ground and start construction. Soon, this family will start their new story!