Meet the Dieuseul Family

Since the catastrophic 2010 earthquake in Haiti, Dieunel has struggled to find a permanent home. He came to Bercy to live with his mother but both parents are now deceased, leaving Dieunel on his own in a country with severely limited economic opportunities.

He has been able to piecemeal rotting wooden planks together to create a makeshift shack with a flimsy tin roof. He described how he has to take the structure apart and put it back together in different structures depending on how bad the wood gets. Despite his efforts, the dwelling does not keep Dieunel dry in the rain and certainly would not withstand any future disasters. Dirt floors and damp, hot conditions are a hotbed for illness.

Dieunel believes a block home would help alleviate his suffering and set him on a path toward a health future and perhaps even a family someday.