Meet the Fleuridor Family

Leonie Fleuridor lives in Laboderie, Haiti where she works as a small business owner selling bananas. She has lived in the community her whole life and enjoys the area. Leonie has one daughter, Pierre fritznerline, who lives at a nearby orphanage because she is not able to provide for her right now.

The home Leonie stays in she rents from somewhere so it takes most of the small income she makes each month. It is made of tarps and scrap wood and is not secure for her. The worst part of this makeshift house is the heat. Leonie says the heat is so bad she can hardly spend anytime in the house.

In her own works, Leonie says, "If I get a house I will be so happy because I’d be safe." Together, we'll work together to reunite Leonie and her daughter by providing them a safe home!