Meet the Gerthie Marc Family

Gerthie is a young woman living in Labodrie, Haiti. She was born and raised in this community and enjoys the people and sense of belonging. She works in the community selling drinks, snacks, and plantains to earn a living for herself and her young son.

Though she works hard, she still doesn't feel she's providing enough for her family. The two live in a small home made of tarps, scrap wood, and sheet metal. The cracks and holes allow water to get all inside the home when it rains. Additionally, Gerthie says it gets so hot inside they can't spend any time in it during the day.

A safe home would change this families life. Gerthie says a home would allow them to sleep peacefully at night and provide them a safe place to spend their days as her son grows up. Together, we're going to make this dream a reality for the Marc family!