Their home is fully funded!

What happens next? 100% of the money raised for this family will go directly to hiring local workers and buying local materials. Our local partner is excited to break ground and start construction. Soon, this family will start their new story!

Meet the Zeballos - Galvez Family

Marcial and Virginia are a young couple with three children in Mizque, Bolivia. Teens Norma and Vicente walk two hours a day to get to their school. Marcial is a farmer, who leaves home at dawn to work in the fields. At home, Virginia cares for their infant, Sebastian.

The couple lives in a poorly-built adobe shack, made from blocks of earth and straw. The house has no door for its entrance, allowing dirt, rain, wind, and disease-carrying insects into the home. The thatched roof allows similar calamities into the shack, raising the family’s risks of contracting sickness and diseases. The house also has no windows, creating a dark, damp atmosphere. The family has no indoor stove, and must make all their food outside, where dirt from the surrounding area often contaminates their food.

To dry their laundry, layers of clothes have been draped over a large branch that stretches horizontally across their ceiling. A mattress made of cheap tarp has been turned on its side against the wall; the family of five has a total of two beds. Dusty wooden furniture covers the rest of their floorspace.

Virginia has Chagas, a chronic, insect-inflicted condition that weakens the heart and central nervous system. A disease common in damp environments, Chagas often causes heart failure if improperly treated. Unfortunately, she cannot afford to treat her illness, and the conditions the Seballos-Galvez family lives in are especially susceptible to insects.

The family dreams of a better life, where they would be less prone to illness, and where Victoria could begin her treatment of Chagas. With your help, we can provide the Seballos-Galvez household with an insect-free, weatherproof home, effectively improving their health and living conditions.