Their home is fully funded!

What happens next? 100% of the money raised for this family will go directly to hiring local workers and buying local materials. Our local partner is excited to break ground and start construction. Soon, this family will start their new story!

Meet the Guillen Family

In Mizque, Bolivia, 16 year old Yoana is a soon to be mother. Although abandoned by her partner, her parents, Fernando and Victoria, have continued to support her warmly. In anticipation of her baby, Yoana decided on a name: "Peter." The Guillens have five children: in addition to Yoana, her brothers Cristian (14), Limbert (6), Jimena (4), and Miguel (3 mo.) live together in an adobe home in one of the most remote areas of Mizque. Their house has three rooms: one to prepare food, one to store belongings, and one as living space, for the entire family of seven.

This happy family's life is far from perfect. None of the walls have doors or windows; the roof leaks. The mudded walls create slippery floors when it rains, as rainwater slips through their ceiling and walls. The walls are cracked, leaving the family susceptible to disease-carrying insects. A common illness inflicted by insects in Bolivia is chagas, a parasitic disease that weakens the heart and central nervous system. Yoana's mother, Victoria, is already sick; two of her children cannot attend school, as they must take care of her.

With Yoana's incoming baby, the Guillen family is in desperate need of a better living space. We've partnered with a local organization that has already built over 600 safe homes in Bolivia. Our partner is staffed by local Bolivians, as the company is committed to building a sustainable socio-economic infrastructure. With your help, we will provide this growing family with a safe home with access to power and clean water, which we know will provide the Guillens with a better standard of living.