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On a daily basis, we see the importance of home ownership in our client's lives. We feel everyone should have that security and sense of peace.

Join us in helping to provide safe $6,500 homes to people around the world who aren't able to do so on their own!


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Sell A Home, Build A Home

The Agents of Change program was created to enable Realtors to make social impact through their work. When a Realtor becomes an Agent of Change, they donate part of the commissions from their real estate transactions to build homes for families living in slums.

Create Social Impact

As a Realtor, your day-to-day business will connect the top of the real estate pyramid to the very bottom, where over a billion people live in unimaginable conditions. As an Agent of Change, your business becomes a social venture that changes lives forever.

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Read each family’s story, learn their dreams, and be the change for a family in need. You’ll follow your family’s progress and watch a video of them moving into their brand new home.